Who joins RacehorseClub and why?

Any horse racing enthusiast over the age of 18, looking to experience racehorse ownership at the highest level without the initial expense or the ongoing fees. Historically, horse racing has been the “Sport of Kings”, Racehorse Club sets out to make racing accessible to all with pricing for even the most modest of pockets

What is a RacehorseClub share?

Technically speaking it represents a small percentage of the racing rights to their horse. Share holders receive Racehorse Club membership, our fully loaded welcome pack, access to their horse and trainer, a share certificate, daily updates in the members area and their share of all prize money.

Is RacehorseClub a syndicate?

Absolutely not. We are a Racing Club as defined by the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). We charge a modest fee for a small share in one of our world class racehorses with no ongoing charges. We believe this is a far better ownership experience than a syndicate. Share the fun and the prize money.