RacehorseClub- Stable Visits

RacehorseClub- Stable Visits

RacehorseClub is known for the excitement it brings on race days. But there's much more to discover. Away from the track, our stable visits provide a special glimpse at the hard work happening between races. 

In this guide, we'll take you through what a day at the stables looks like with RacehorseClub. It's an experience that gives you a closer and more personal view of your horse's day-to-day life.

Why Visit the Stables?

RacehorseClub member patting racehorse at stable day visit

Our stable day visits let you step into the everyday world of your racehorse and trainer. It's a chance to see the care, training and teamwork that goes on behind the scenes.

Here’s why you’ll love a stable visit with RacehorseClub:

Learn more about your horse

When you visit your horse, you’ll gain insight into the care, rigorous training and extensive preparation involved in shaping a champion racehorse. It’s a fascinating peek behind the curtain of the racing world.

Community Building

Stable visits also serve as a gathering for RacehorseClub members. Engaging with fellow share owners fosters a sense of community with people who share a passion for horse racing. It’s a chance to exchange stories, experiences, and maybe a tip or two, enriching your journey as a racehorse owner.

Learn from the Experts

A stable visit with RacehorseClub is unlike an ordinary stable visit. You’ll get a chance to learn from our team of experienced experts. Not only will they show you what goes on behind the scenes, they’ll be on hand to answer your questions and give you insights you won’t find anywhere else.

How to book onto a stable visit

Once a stable visit date is announced, you simply email info@racehorseclub.com to put your name down on the list to attend. You can even bring a plus one with you to enjoy this incredible experience together!

What to Expect on the Day

RacehorseClub members enjoying a resent stable visit

Introduction with the trainer

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by your trainer and get to meet up with fellow members of RacehorseClub.

Meet your horse

After an introduction with your trainer, you’ll be taken to meet your horse. Here, you’ll get to watch your horse being saddled up, observe its exercise routine and learn more about its training regime. This isn’t just an ordinary horse stable visit, this is what goes into making your horse a champion on race day.

Meet the Team

During your visit, you’ll interact with an array of individuals who play a pivotal role in your horse’s life - the groom, the exercise rider, the jockey and your RacehorseClub point of contact. Each friendly face you meet has a part to play in your racehorse’s journey.

Q&A session and Refreshments

A Q&A session with the trainer gives you an insider’s look into the nuances of horse racing. Make sure you prepare some questions beforehand as this is a great opportunity to get them answered by an expert.

And what better way to cap off the experience than having a drink at the local pub followed by lunch?

Guidelines and Etiquette

Members with RacehorseClub horse during stable day

Remember, safety and respect are paramount during our horse stable visits. Stay with the group, follow the yard’s rules and don’t touch other horses uninvited. It’s about enjoying the experience while respecting the space and well-being of the animals and those who care for them.

Interaction with Your Horse

Of course, you can interact with your horse! Pat them, take photos - these moments are what make stable visits unforgettable.

Don't miss the next stable visit with RacehorseClub

A stable visit with RacehorseClub isn’t just a day out; it offers a unique glimpse into the day-to-day world of horse racing.

So, if you’re already a member or contemplating racehorse ownership, be sure to sign up for the next a stable visit with RacehorseClub and immerse yourself in the world of horse racing.