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  • What does it cost?

    A one-off payment covers RacehorseClub membership for the agreed duration in your chosen horse. During this period you will never be asked to pay anything else. Membership includes your welcome pack, regular horse reports from the trainer, an opportunity to visit the stables, owners' days and owners' badge ballots and video updates. When the horse runs, all members will be invited to enter a ballot to experience attending the meeting as an official owner. This will range from the opportunity to enter the paddock and meet the jockey and trainer to receiving free tickets to the meeting. Since April 2021, members have had a 33% chance of winning an owners' badge in the ballots.

  • How many shares are there available in each horse club?

    Between 500 and 2500 shares per horse club.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

    No. The price listed per share is a one-off cost for agreed membership period. There is no further commitment.

  • Are there any monthly fees?

    No. All the costs (including registration fees, training fees, entry fees, gallop fees, transport, jockey, veterinary, farrier, dental and physio fees, mortality insurance etc.) are all covered by the one-off fee. However, if you wish to watch your horse run in person, and you are not fortunate enough to be allocated an owner’s badge in the ballot, you can choose to go racing under your own steam and will have to purchase admission to the course. We will offer some free and discounted general admission tickets on occasions.

  • What will I receive for my money?

    You will be a member of RacehorseClub and have all the benefits of an owner in your selected horse for the duration of the agreed period. You will also get your share percentage of prize money. With your club membership, which is included in the share price, you will receive a RacehorseClub members pack which includes a welcome booklet, Club key-ring, Club race day badge, a Club pen, RacehorseClub membership card and an official personalised share certificate. You also get a photograph of your horse with its pedigree on the reverse side.

  • Do I get a welcome pack with every share I buy?


  • Can I buy a share as a gift?

    Yes. RacehorseClub gift shares make great gifts for friends or family. Purchase a gift share from the merchandise page. We will then email the voucher directly to them with a message from you.

  • Can I add my partner/friend to my account?

    No. Each share must be registered in the name of one person only. All shares are non-transferable.

  • What are RacehorseClub’s objectives?

    To make all who purchase a share feel involved in every aspect of the horse from training to race day and to share that enjoyment and experience with other like-minded fans as a first step in racehorse ownership. The price point chosen is designed to make this as accessible as possible whether as a treat to yourself or as the ideal gift.

  • Can I reclaim the VAT on my share purchase?


Horse updates

  • How often will I receive an update on my horse?

    You will receive regular written updates from the trainer, plus photos and videos of your horse. You will see your entries and declarations as well as receiving race previews and reports, plus much more. All this information about your horse will be in your members area. Entries and declarations will be emailed.

  • When will my horse run?

    This will be decided by your trainer.

  • How much notice do I receive when my horse is going to run?

    We will inform members as soon as we receive an entry or declaration update, they will be updated in your private members area and through email. Entries are usually due six days before race day and declarations two days before race day. However, for some of the biggest races of the year, often they close a while before the race is due to be run.

  • What happens to the prize money won by the RacehorseClub horse in which I have a share?

    Prize money is distributed amongst the members in each horse. You will get the prize money share equivalent to the equity percentage that you own in the horse club. Please note there is deductions for jockey and trainer percentages.

  • Will I be able to visit the horse at the stables?

    Yes. We will arrange stable visits to all our trainers to see the horses. If oversubscribed which is unlikely, attendance will be decided by ballot.

  • Will I be able to attend the racecourse when my horse runs?

    We give away owner’s badges via a ballot. All members of their horse are invited to enter the ballot by emailing to apply. Even if you are not lucky enough to receive an owner’s ticket, lots of our members will still choose to attend the racecourse to watch their horse run from the stands. We will also be working with racecourses to allow our members to purchase discounted tickets when they have a runner.

  • If I have multiple shares, do I receive multiple chances in a ballot?

    You will receive one chance in any ballot for every share that you own in that horse club. So, if you have five shares you are more likely to win in the ballot as you will have five chances.

  • What colour silks will the jockey wear?

    The official description of RacehorseClub silks is as follows: navy, maroon and yellow geometric shapes, orange collar and cuffs. Depending on which club horse you are in, some horses will wear RacehorseClub silks, and occasionally some will wear the silks of our partners.

  • How do you choose the trainer?

    When we purchase a horse in training, we will usually keep it with their current trainer. However, there may be occasions when we decide to send it somewhere else. When purchasing un-raced horses, we will look to send them to the best trainers in the world.

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